Server fog off

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Server fog off

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Hello !
I just wounder if i could get informations how u guys turned off fog in your servers :) I play often on your severs however would like to know how to do this by commands or modifications for future clan wars :P
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Re: Server fog off

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Hello !!!
Fog, smoke and dust off modification you have need to implement only on server. You have to choose: server or player's side. For player's side You must to have some web-hosting with admin permission's. For server side You must create fs_game folder and run game from this folder. However, if You like CoD2 and clan war's, and you have the will, You can contact Me. I can install CoD2 server for You on My hosting, and explain how to implement much more modification's for any type of server ( public, clan ... etc ), and any game-type ( dm, tdm, ctf, htf, S&D, ... etc. ). Also, You can learn much more of the CoD2 server security. If You ready for learn something new, and need to have You own server or servers for play and learning You are welcome. Just contact me, or answer YES, I have already Your e-mail.