BAN for no reason (raiz)

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BAN for no reason (raiz)

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Banned again for no reason. I have a demo if you'd like that too.

Accept that you were wrong and I don't have hacks. Is it so hard to JOCA?
In short, learn to accept what you screwed up. Good server, but you can't judge who has hacks and who doesn't.
Anyone who kills the admin 3x in a row is already removed. Especially the one that is the first on the server.
I don't think I'm the only one who thinks so.

You told me to record it and post it to make sure. Tell me where does WH see?

I also played the game abroad, I ended it a few years ago because of people who didn't know who was good and who was cheating.
As mentioned, original cfg, no headphones. I play with music. And still too good for some? Looks like.

It's interesting that you don't answer at all, it seems that you really don't want to admit that you made a wrong assessment.
It also happens to me on our server that I make a wrong assessment. It happens. But still not after all the evidence?!

DROPBOX to demo: ... .dm_1?dl=0