Raiz records (Dropbox link*)

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Raiz records (Dropbox link*)

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Hello, im Raiz.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/a8q60zvmwcsyy ... s.zip?dl=0

Since I keep getting kicked out of the game for some unknown reason, joca and I made a compromise to record a few games and post them to check them out.
That's it, I'm using the default cfg, I'm not using headphones. Just radar, a little sound, knowledge and luck. And that's that.
Now what you do is up to you. If you continue to claim that I have wh, then you are beyond help.

As for the base maps (toujane, burg, ...) I know almost all the spawns and places where players usually wait. Since I don't use sound (headphones), I have to check everything around me. That's why sometimes some jumps, maybe a point-blank shot looks like a wh. I use basic cfg.
I never used hacks. And I do not support cheating in any way. In the future, I will try to record as many games as possible and publish them if necessary.

Greetings, Raiz.