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Reporting a hacker called

Poslato: Čet Nov 17, 2022 12:05 am
od *.ZK.*7LordJohn
Dear admins,

I want to report the following hacker at the DM Server. He got killed about 10 times in a row, then insulted and left, reconnected and changed name. And suddenly, he got almost only headshots (like 8/10 kills headshots, no matter the situation) and was very obvious aiming at and following players through the walls, from any distance.

He used this name:

hacker_before_rename..png (8.07 KiB) Pogledano 2058 puta
and then switched to this one and started hacking:

hacker_after_rename.png (43.67 KiB) Pogledano 2058 puta

I wanted to make a demo, but sadly console isn't activated in your server...

Please ban this guy, we were about 3-5 players and then he started hacking and destroyed the game for everyone :(
Thank you.


Re: Reporting a hacker called

Poslato: Čet Nov 17, 2022 11:06 pm
od dacajoca
Hello !
I know for this hacker, but, unfortunately , sometimes servr is without any admin.